7 Intelligences and Ways to Learn

teacherAs a teacher, it’s important to understand that there are many different ways to learn. Traditionally, frontal learning has been the way that everyone learns, with children sitting in their desks and listening to the teacher lecture. Today, however, there is a larger understanding that students have many ways to learn.

Here is a quick rundown of the many ways that students learn best:

Visual Learning: These students do best with pictures, images, diagrams, colors and mind maps.

Spatial Learning: These students learn best with puzzles, maps and putting things together.

Aural Learning: These learners learn best with sounds that include rhythms, music, recordings, rhymes and more.

Interpersonal: These learners do best when working with others. They work well interacting with other people and being social.

Intrapersonal: These people do best on their own. They are introspective and look inward more than outward.

Verbal: The verbal learner does best with words. They do well with lectures and with describing things through language.

Kinesthetic: These learners need to learn by using their bodies. They need to be up from their school chairs and interacting with their space with their bodies.

These brief ideas should help teachers to get ideas for different learning styles and teaching ideas.