7 Intelligences and Ways to Learn

As a teacher, it’s important to understand that there are many different ways to learn. Traditionally, frontal learning has been the way that everyone learns, with children sitting in their desks and listening to the teacher lecture. Today, however, there is a larger understanding that students have many ways to learn. Here is a quick […]

Defining Aural Learners

Before one commits their child to a school that believes in an aural style of education, one should identify if they have a good amount of the features attributed to these children. They include: being a good listener, responding better to listening than seeing, has a good reaction to music, does less well when reading […]

For Parents: How to Help Kids at School

This tweet is about how parents can influence their teenage kids, positively about school. Blog: Parents of Teens: You Can Influence Your Kids about School http://t.co/3smAJCKu #parents — Education Week (@educationweek) March 27, 2012  

Interpersonal Learning Style

When one is educated with a focus on interpersonal skills, it is hoped that the result will be they will come away with a greater capacity to interact with and understand other people and their situations. The students who gain most from this method of teaching are those who like the dramatics, the debate teams […]

How to Determine YOUR Learning Style

While some claim there are seven (or even eight) learning styles, others categorize them into three areas: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. This video gives a greater insight into these categories to help the student figure out the most effective and appropriate way for them to learn.  

The Visual Learning Style

The visual learning style uses pictures, images, colors and maps.  Educators who adopt this method are particularly good at visualizing any objects – from banquet tables to soccer fields – as well as plans and results, just by thinking about them.  They are also good at navigating maps as they have a very strong spatial […]