Classroom Environment for Multiple Intelligences

achievement1There are many ways to incorporate multiple intelligences into a classroom. Today, many teachers are beginning to recognize the importance of creating an active learning environment, and involving their students in more engaging ways. One great way to start encouraging different intelligences is by changing the classroom layout and structure, which includes the classroom furniture, bulletin boards, creative corners and more. Students with strong spacial intelligence would probably love to help rearrange the class’s learning space.

Thomas Armstrong explained:

“For most Americans, the word ‘classroom’ conjures up an image of students sitting in neat rows of desks facing the front of the room, where a teacher either sits at a large desk correcting papers or stands near a blackboard lecturing to students. This is certainly one way to organize a classroom, but it is by no means the only way or the best way.

The theory of multiple intelligences suggests that the classroom environment or classroom ecology may need to be fundamentally restructured to accommodate the needs of different kinds of learners.”