Multiple Intelligences Lessons

Tech-based multiple Intelligences lessons – part of #career unit or mini-unit for classroom or small groups. #scchat — schcounselingbyheart (@SchCslgByHeart) August 1, 2013

Arranging Classroom Furniture

As a teacher, catering to children with various intelligences can be extremely challenging. This is especially true in more traditional classrooms. Numerous studies have shown that furniture and classroom layout can have a significant impact on learning, no matter what each individual child’s strengths are. In “Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom,” Thomas Armstrong explains that […]

Multiple Intelligence Test

The concept of multiple intelligences is slowly making its way into classrooms around the world. An increasing number of teachers are incorporating different styles of learning into their curriculum in an effort to engage each individual student and help them discover their unique strengths. While some students find it easy to remain focused on their […]